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Are you looking for sample free wedding vows that you can easily use in your wedding and on your special day to make it more memorable? You may have seen sample wedding invitations you can use. Now here are easy, free wedding vows samples for you to easily use.

Because the words that you and your partner exchange on that day, will base the foundation of your life together. So it is important to make your vows as deep and meaningful as possible.

So on this page you can find some of the best and top-rated free wedding vows to use easily, to add more blessing and shine to your special day.

Simply click on each of the vows below to see the full vow...

Free Wedding Vow #1:

I, _____, take you, ______, to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that...

Free Wedding Vow #2:

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere
Las Vegas, Nevada; December 12, 1991

"We are gathered here in the sight of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. The love of God is an example for your devotion, and you are not left without guidance concerning the meaning of that love because God is love and love is all..."

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Free Wedding Vow #3:

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu
Las Vegas, Nevada; May 1, 1967

"Marriage is an honorable estate. It is not to be entered into lightly or unadvisedly, but discreetly and soberly. Into this relationship these two persons come now to be joined. I ask you both that if you know any reason why you should not be joined in marriage, you make it known at this time..."

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Free Wedding Vow #4:

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett
Marion, Indiana; June 27, 1993

"The union of husband and wife in heart, body, and mind is intended by God for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another during prosperity and adversity, and when it is God's will, for the procreation of children and their nurture in the knowledge and love of the Lord..."

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Free Wedding Vow #5:

Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again.
I look forward with great joy to spending the rest of my
life with you, caring for you, nurturing you, being there for you in all life
has for us, and I vow to be true and faithful for as long
as we both shall live.

Free Wedding Vow #6:

All that I am and all that I have, I offer to you in love and in joy.
From this day forward I will love and comfort you, hold you close,
prize you above all others,
and remain faithful to you all the days of our lives.

Free Wedding Vow #7:

I love you. You are my best friend.
Today I give myself to you in marriage.
I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you,
and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
when life seems easy and when it seems hard,
when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.
I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard
These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.

Free Wedding Vow 8:

I am proud to marry you this day.
I promise to wipe away your tears with my laughter,
and your pain with my caring and my compassion.
We will wipe out the old canvases of our lives and let God,
with His amazing artistic talent, fill them with new color, harmony and beauty.
I give myself to you completely, and I promise to love you always,
from this day forth.


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